Guidelines for Use of the Public Comment Portal

 The University of Minnesota Board of Regents welcomes input from members of the University community and the public on issues before the Board via the Board's Virtual Forum.

 1.   Comment Format: This Virtual Forum allows for submission of written comment, audio comment, or video comment on a variety of topics. Comments are limited to 3500 characters for written submissions or two minutes for audio and video submissions. Submissions require first and last name, University affiliation (if any), an email address, and a phone number. Comments cannot be edited once submitted. 

2.   Standards for Comment: The Board will refuse publication of comments that contain private data (student, employee, or other private information under state or federal law), or that raise a specific personnel matter, or that are unrelated to the University. The University of Minnesota Office of the Board of Regents recognizes its responsibility to ensure the safety of students and employees when alerted to self-harm or other threatening comments and will refer cases appropriately.

3.   Use of Comments & Contact Information: Public commenters who comply with the Board’s guidelines will have their remarks, name, and affiliation made publicly available in the Board's docket materials and archived in the Board's public records. Anonymous comments will not be published in the Board’s docket materials. Email addresses and phone numbers will not be published in the public docket materials. Public comments that do not comply with the Board’s guidelines will not be made publicly available as part of the Board’s docket materials but will still be available to members of the Board.

4.   Timeline for Submission: The Virtual Forum will be available at all times. Comments submitted by 10:00 a.m. on the Friday before a regularly scheduled meeting will be included in the docket materials for the following week’s meeting.