Audio and Video Recording Instructions

Basic Instructions

You may choose to provide feedback to the University of Minnesota Board of Regents through video or audio recording. To do this, you will need a web camera and microphone connected or built into your computer. However, a web camera is only necessary for video recording. Once you are ready to give your feedback, click on the red record button in the video question; this is when the survey will start recording you. You will have a maximum of 2 minutes to record. After you stop recording, you will have the opportunity to play back, re-record, or delete your recording before submitting.

Important Browser Permission Information 

Before you start your recording, your browser will ask for permission to use your microphone and camera. Please allow access. 

Important Note: Even if you give permission for our survey to audio and video record you: 

  1. The survey will only start recording you once you click on the red record button 
  2. You can choose to only do an audio recording (without recording video)

If you accidentally deny permission to the survey to record you, you will need to change your browser settings. Below are links to the support pages of common browsers that explain how to update camera and microphone permissions: