Board Committees

Board of Regents committees provide governance and oversight on topics within the committee's purview; review and make recommendations on Board policy; and receive reports and information items. The Board chair has authority to name and identify responsibilities of all committees.

Effective September 2017, the Board of Regents committee structure consists of three omnibus committees: Finance & Operations, Governance & Policy, and Mission Fulfillment. Membership of these committees consist of all twelve Regents. Two additional standing committees – Audit & Compliance and Litigation Review – each consist of six Regents.

This committee structure was adopted by the Board in June 2017. Additional information on committees can be found in the Resolution Related to Board Committee Structure and Board of Regents Policy: Board Operations and Agenda Guidelines.

Audit & Compliance Committee

The Audit & Compliance Committee oversees the University’s system of risk assessment and internal controls, audits, financial reporting practices, and the institutional compliance program. This committee also provides a direct channel of communication to the Board for the chief auditor, chief compliance officer, and independent auditor.

Linda Cohen (Chair), Ken Powell (Vice Chair),
Michael Hsu, Peggy Lucas, David McMillan, and Abdul Omari

Senior Leader Liaison: Gail Klatt, Chief Auditor
Staff Coordinator: Maggie Flaten

Finance & Operations Committee 

The Finance & Operations Committee oversees the University’s operations, fiscal stability, physical assets (e.g., land, buildings, infrastructure, technology, and equipment), and long-term economic health. The committee advises the administration on faculty and staff compensation, benefits, recruitment, and engagement. The committee recommends to the Board and advises the president on the development of the annual operating and capital improvement budgets.

Tom Anderson (Chair), Dean Johnson (Vice Chair) 
Membership consists of all Regents. 

Senior Leader Liaison: Brian Burnett, Senior Vice President for Finance & Operations
Staff Coordinator: Jason Langworthy 

Governance & Policy Committee

The Governance & Policy Committee oversees and makes recommendations related to policy and processes to ensure the integrity and high performance of the Board.

Darrin Rosha (Chair), Richard Beeson (Vice Chair) 
Membership consists of all Regents.

Senior Leader Liaison: Brian Steeves, Executive Director and Corporate Secretary

Litigation Review Committee 

The Litigation Review Committee reviews litigation matters and obtains legal advice regarding specific University actions and their legal consequences. This committee typically meets in non-public session and consults with the general counsel on cases and claims, consistent with Board policy. The committee determines which matters shall be referred to the Board for review or approval.

Richard Beeson (Chair), Dean Johnson (Vice Chair),
Tom Anderson, Darrin Rosha, Patricia Simmons, and Steve Sviggum

Senior Leader Liaison: Douglas Peterson, General Counsel
Staff Coordinator: Brian Steeves

Mission Fulfillment Committee

The Mission Fulfillment Committee advises on academic priorities and the teaching, research, and outreach missions of the University. The committee oversees the University’s admissions practices and enrollment planning, student demographic trends, student affairs and student experience, efforts related to diversity and campus climate, academic program reviews, faculty promotion and tenure, academic medicine, research, and outreach.

Abdul Omari (Chair), Patricia Simmons (Vice Chair)
Membership consists of all Regents.

Senior Leader Liaison: Karen Hanson, Executive Vice President & Provost 
Staff Coordinator: Maggie Flaten

Other Committees of the Board

Nominating Committee 
The Nominating Committee is established biennially to nominate candidates to serve as Board chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer. It consists of three Regents who are appointed by the Board chair.

Presidential Performance Review Committee 
The Presidential Performance Review Committee evaluates the president's performance annually to assess outcomes and recommend compensation. It consists of Regents who are appointed by the Board chair.