Board Meetings: Agenda Development, Docket Preparation, and Meeting Presentations

The development of the agenda and docket materials for Board of Regents meetings is a collaborative process involving numerous individuals and several stages. The summary below follows this process and explains the necessary steps in the preparation for Board meetings.

Additional information on agenda and docket development can be found in Board of Regents Policy: Board Operations and Agenda Guidelines (PDF)

Meeting Agenda

Approximately two months prior to each meeting, the executive director develops a draft agenda for discussion at Agenda I, a meeting with the president and senior leaders. Agenda items are identified from Board priorities, committee work plans, and other reports and items as specified in Board policy. Following this meeting, the draft agenda is shared with the Board chair and committee chairs for review and comment.

The Board chair approves the agenda at a subsequent meeting (Agenda II), also attended by the vice chair and participants in the Agenda I meeting. Subsequent changes to an approved agenda require the approval of the committee chair in consultation with the Board chair directly or through staff.


The docket is a set of recommendations, reports, and all supporting documents prepared for each agenda item of the Board and its committees. Items are presented for review, review/action, action, or discussion. Action items typically come to the Board for review one month, with action taken in a following month. There are occasions, however, when review and action occur in the same month (e.g., consent reports).

For each agenda item, a docket item summary indicates the presenters, the purpose of the item, an outline of key points and policy issues, background information, and a recommendation from the president for action items.

Materials are submitted to the Board by the president or delegate with the assistance of Board staff. The Board Office publishes the docket to Regents one week prior to meeting dates, after which it is publicly available.

Electronic Submission of Docket Materials

Docket materials are submitted electronically by docket assemblers to the Board of Regents BoardEffect portal.

Instructions (PDF) for Electronic Submission of Docket Materials

Docket Forms

Docket materials should be accompanied by an item summary.

Form for preparing Board of Regents Resolutions.

Meeting Presentations and Handouts

Meeting presentations and other materials are submitted electronically to the BoardEffect portal. An updated docket, including presentation materials, is available to download from the Board of Regents website on Monday following the Board Meeting.

Contact the Board Office at 612-625-6300 with questions regarding the information provided on this page.